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Kim Designs specializes in designs that are on trend, color-savvy for North American and European retail. We also offer product development and trend services. To find out more about our services and purchasing/licensing the work of one of our artists, please email or call us.

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We are passionate about representing our artists and designers. We feel it is our privilege to represent your creative talents. We embrace getting to know our artists and designers through the creative works that are lent to Kim Designs for representation. We are an “inclusive” agency when it comes to representation. We feel everyone has unique styles and motifs that may interest our vast client base. We especially embrace those that have their designing caps on the pulse of trends for North American and European retail.

Additionally, we would like you to know that Kim Designs is primarily an e-commerce design brokerage firm. Our website and email marketing strategies have given us a global presence as one of the leading design houses in the world.

Along with print and custom design services, we offer product development services for manufacturers worldwide.

To get started, we ask that you submit a sampling of your art and/or designs (low resolution jpgs please) that best represent your style/talents via email ( or via your website link.

We also like to hear about how you currently represent your art and creative works and tell us of any specialties and expertise you may have. Feel free to brag!

And if you can remember, let us know what “road” lead you to

If you wish to read over our legal terms or move forward, take a moment to apply here: Upon review of your application, we will be in touch.

Thank you for considering as your creative agent.

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Use our Fast Find Design Locator Services if you would like us to send our patterns via PDF by email to you. Simply fill in the fields below and we will be in touch via email with designs for your needs. Be sure to complete all fields so we can serve your design needs and meet your pattern budget.



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